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*  C   C  O   O   L      L       I     S   S      I     O   O   NN   N                  ll    ll                      t                          *
*  C      O   O   L      L       I     S          I     O   O   N N  N    ccc     ooo    l     l     eee     ccc    ttttt    i    v   v    eee   *
*  C      O   O   L      L       I       S        I     O   O   N  N N   c   c   o   o   l     l    e   e   c   c     t      i    v   v   e   e  *
*  C      O   O   L      L       I         S      I     O   O   N   NN   c       o   o   l     l    eeeee   c         t      i    v   v   eeeee  *
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The Alchemist

Aluminum, wood, mirrored glass, Acrylic plastic, LEDs, Teflon/copper wire
Artwork by collisi1

A geometrically perfect sphere of moving, glowing light is projected to appear to sit two feet outside a small cube atop a pedestal. The imaginary form, not unlike a hologram, churns and flows as the viewer approaches, like a burning star bursting with ever-changing solar flares. The sphere is an illusion created by what is inside the box, which is itself hard to discern. Like much of my work, this sculpture uses illusion, optic tricks, and a clever use of relatively simple materials to achieve an mesmerizing and otherworldly experience for my viewer.

See video

Verbing Man

Wood, steel, plastic (acrylic mirrors and foam)
Verbing Man @COLLISION18:present


Verbing Man is the latest in a series of animation devices which I call Image Engines. It was designed to maximize interactivity. It is an animated sculpture which, like a zoetrope, uses persistence of vision to create an illusion of continuous motion from a series of “frames”.  Verbing Man offers unprecedented interactivity for this type of sculpture due to the use of 12 poseable artist mannequins as frames, making it possible for the animation to be repeatedly altered and remade by viewers. Further, the mannequins are arranged on a platter which viewers rotate by means of a crank in order to bring the animation to life.

Verbing Man uses new materials to reinvent a 19th century technology in which an inner circle of mirrors was used to animate, in reflection, an outer circle of flat images mounted on the same rotating wheel. Verbing Man is likely the largest praxinoscope ever made with a wheel diameter of 4 feet instead of the more typical 4 inches. For technical reasons, it is also likely that this is the first time a praxinoscope has been used to animate three dimensional objects. The use of mirrors instead of strobe lights or slits means that animations are visible in almost any lighting condition, from candle light to full sun, and from all sides at almost any angle.

Paradigm II

MDF board, Mirrored Tempered glass, clear plate glass, 532nm laser diode, power source, aluminum and plastic armature.


Light is the medium in which I am most interested. I make apparatus that I use to shift, refract, bend and reflect my light to create the atmospheric effects which are my pieces in sculpture. In a recent series of mine, Paradigm, I transform this light to fill a structured volume of space with a dynamic three-dimensional projection. In entering my space, viewer is thrown into a mesmerizing and otherworldly expanse, as relationships of individual point of ethereal light evolve and coalesce in reaction movement. 

The effect, although reached through relatively simple means, produces a three- dimensional image which is felt more that it is seen, spilling out of the great volume of the sculpture and filling the entire space in which it is seen. 

Not only does the work bring the view to question the materials and forms I use to create the effect and illusion, it also brings a precise sort of awareness to the space that it is seen in. How one understands their vision is poignantly brought to the fore as the universal is seen thought the particular. By bringing the viewer into a place of more acute perception, my installations seek to elevate my viewers’ consciousness as they experience a space and their sense in a new way.

See video


Polymer clay, acrylic mirror, acrylic panels, proximity detectors, LEDs, pager motors, ultrasonic water foggers, H0 scale figures
Wonderlust - detail

Wonderlust is a glittering, mysterious, miniature cavern. The floor of the cavern is colonised by vague organic shapes shrouded in a gently moving mist. From the ceiling of the cavern hang a cluster of immaculate mirrored rectangular bars of varying lengths. Bright lights shine shine up from the floor but are dimmed by the mists. Visitors notice the resemblance of the suspended bars to data representations like histograms. The column lengths suggest a measurement of an aspect of the shapes found directly below them. As visitors approach the piece, their curious examination triggers movement of tiny observers contemplating their environment. As they spin, the observers kick up the mists both hiding and revealing aspects of the cavern.

The piece suggests a dialog between Nature and one of the ways in which we attempt to understand it - scientific study. Do we diminish the subject by reducing it to numbers? Does the abstraction really reveal anything more? Is wonder lost or gained when we try to satisfy our curiosities?

This piece is part of a series of works I have made exploring the value we place in scientific discovery and what consequences such reverence might have for making progress - either in deepening and elaborating a paradigm or shifting to a new one. Previous works show data and models rendered either verbatim or abstractly in gild, glitter and rhinestones while all other explanatory information is lost.

Masked Thoughts

wood, mirror, computer with custom software, webcam, video projector, foam board, mic. stands
Artwork by [user-name]

Masked Thoughts is an interactive video installation that allows viewers to try on virtual masks, and think virtual thoughts. The installation is comprised of the following components: a large mirror mounted in a wooden frame, a video projector and video camera mounted on top of the frame, and two projection surfaces mounted on mic stands in front of the mirror. One of the projection surfaces is a mask with eyeholes cut out. The other surface is a thought balloon - comic book style. Both surfaces are front/back symmetric and can be swiveled around to face the other side.

A webcam provides a video feed to the CPU, which scans the area and detects changes to the mask and thought balloon. Swiveling the surfaces cause the projected images to change in real-time. Turn the mask around, see a different face. Turn the thought balloon around, see a different thought. Note that the surfaces can be changed at any time, in any order.

A variety of recognizable faces are available to try on: politicians, historical figures, entertainers, etc.

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