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*                        For engineers that moonlight as artists and artists that moonlight as engineers                                         *
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*  C      O   O   L      L       I     S          I     O   O   N N  N    ccc     ooo    l     l     eee     ccc    ttttt    i    v   v    eee   *
*  C      O   O   L      L       I       S        I     O   O   N  N N   c   c   o   o   l     l    e   e   c   c     t      i    v   v   e   e  *
*  C      O   O   L      L       I         S      I     O   O   N   NN   c       o   o   l     l    eeeee   c         t      i    v   v   eeeee  *
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Start date: 
Fri, 11/01/2002
End date: 
Sat, 11/03/2012


The MIT Museum, the MIT student art group, ATat (Arts and Technology at tech), and the Collision Collective present hyperCOLLISION, a celebration of art and technology. The fourth event in the popular Collision Series, hyperCOLLISION showcases art from MIT students and local artists who use new technologies in their work. Light sculptures, digital-clothing, autonomous robots, sounds-scapes, video installations, and more will be on display over the weekend, with special live performances on Friday night. Artists include Jonathan Bachrach, Mark Feldmeier, Henry Kaufman, Brian Knep, Holly Gates, Simon Greenwold, Mat Laibowitz, Justin Manor, Ryan McKinley, James McLurkin, Dan Paluska, Hayes Raffle, Dan Roe, Fran Trainor, and, Noah Vawter.

The MIT student art group ATat, Arts and Technology at tech, was founded in 2001 to host events showcasing art that incorporates technology. Its first three events have shown the art and performance of over forty MIT and Boston-area artists. These events have seen people of all ages engaged in interactive robotic art, exploring laser lighted spaces, shaking their heads at LED sculptures, listening and dancing to live electronic music and generally having a good time while being introduced to the future of art. Ages 5 to 65 have been represented in the previous audiences --- there's something for everyone.


The Collision Collective group meets roughly every other week to share ideas and experience gained from creation of art. The meetings, dubbed Collision Collusions are a high-tech show-and-tell with different artists sharing their work each session. Their work can be found in MIT basements, Boston lofts, local art galleries and museums in Chicago, New York, San Francisco and overseas.


"ATat events try to focus on bringing together artists moonlighting as engineers, and engineers moonlighting as artists. Boston is a great place to be for technology and art. The art in the Collision shows appeals to people on so many different levels. I think many people are frustrated by the sterility of untouchable paintings in whitewashed galleries. Most of the technology used in the Collision shows is technology that brings the art closer to the viewer and allows the viewer to participate in a way they never have before. It allows them to touch, to effect, to experience."

-Dan Paluska, co-curator, ATat founder

"I am very excited about the combined artistic and technical talent represented in this show. The hyperCOLLISION works are fresh, evocative, and challenging. hyperCOLLISION will be a great show for people curious about the boundaries between man and machine and between art and science, and more generally interested in the future of art itself. "

- Jonathan Bachrach, co-curator, Collision Collective founder

"This is great opportunity to see what's happening at the bleeding edge of both technology and art."

- Brian Knep, co-curator, local-area artist

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